What pleases others

ブルー星-1a English

hello everyone.

This time it’s about making people happy.

The following are the words of Ninomiya Sontoku, an agricultural politician and philosopher in the late Edo period.

When he entered the hot spring at the inn, he said, “If you draw the hot water toward you with your hand, it will all flow in the other direction. this is the way the world works.

By working for the benefit of others, your actions will also benefit others, and as a result, you will find happiness in yourself.

If you throw away self-interest and work devotedly, you will eventually be reduced to yourself. Just like a loosely thrown ball flies unexpectedly, being selfless leads to unexpected happiness. There are many stories like this in Japanese folk tales.

Whether in daily life or at work, when you act with the other person in mind, you will be able to achieve satisfactory results yourself.

That’s what I was told by someone who worked in sales in the past. When she was thinking about her own performance, her product sold very little. However, it seems that almost 100% of the products she proposed based on the idea of “what the customer needs” were sold.

At work, I make materials so that people who read them can easily understand them. I try to make the letters bigger and try to use simple words. Sometimes I have to cram a lot of information into a single sheet of paper, so I try to color-code it or put it in a frame. However, depending on the things, there are times when only I understand. ( How to present to customers and investors is only in Japanese, but I wrote a little here)

Thinking about the other person is kindness and consideration. In the case of my materials I mentioned earlier, I would be happy if people said, “This is easy to read” or “Easy to understand.” “I’m glad you were pleased,” I’m happy.

And that joy will help you hone your skills and be rewarding. Making someone happy is the driving force for us to make further progress.