The world I want


Hello. Have you ever heard the saying, “In this world, things are happening exactly as you think they are”?

The people in the videos I watch a lot often say. As a real feeling, I am not convinced either, but as a way of thinking

people only see what they want to see.

Isn’t it? In other words, “We see the world the way we think.

If you think that “this world is kind” and live your life, you are probably kind, and the people you meet must be kind. Because you are focusing on what you call a “friendly world.”

People who think that they can do anything on their own will believe in themselves that there is nothing they cannot overcome. And just like that, until now and in the future, they believe in their own power and carve out their lives.

If you think that everyone else is your enemy, you will find it hard to relax because there are only people who try to deceive you and people who are harassing you.

In this way, the world we live in can become fun or painful depending on the way we think about it. If so, what kind of world would you like to live in?

people only see what they want to see.

Living in the world we want may actually be surprisingly easy.

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