The Story of Strong Waves-1

虹-1 English

This time I would like to write about Hado.

If you say “You wrote it before, right? ”Thank you for reading.(Brain science law of attraction-2

This time I will write about the strength of the wave motion.

First of all, I will briefly write about the wave motion that I interpreted.

Everything in this world is made up of small grains.

Matter → Molecules → Atoms → Nuclei / Electrons → Protons / Neutrons → Elementary particles → Strings

It is like that. The microscopic region below the atomic nucleus is called quantum mechanics. These elementary particles are said to be vibrating. If the elementary particles are vibrating, the protons and neutrons are also vibrating, and the nuclei and electrons are also vibrating. That is to say, we are also vibrating because the body is made by forming cells and visceral tissues from elementary particles as the starting point.

I think that this vibration can be called a wave motion.

And this wave is different for each person. Vibrations of organic matter, vibrations of inorganic matter, and even between humans are different.

Examples of differences in vibration between humans include differences in thinking such as positive and negative people, and differences in habits. Even if you don’t know about Hado, you can see that people who are laughing and people who are crying have different atmospheres. You can tell from the atmosphere that someone there is angry, so you don’t bother to approach.

Furthermore, it seems that there are strengths and weaknesses in the waves.

This is the theme of this time. This is like a strong will and a weak will, and it seems that weak will tends to be swallowed by strong will.

For example, suppose there is Mr. A who has a strong will and Mr. B who has a weak will.

Mr. A said, “Let’s go to the right!”, But Mr. B wants to go to the left. Mr. B cannot say because he has a weak will. After all, Mr. A will go to the right where he wants to go, and Mr. B who wanted to go to the left cannot enjoy it.

In this way, it seems that people with strong vibrations often pull people with weak vibrations even if they do not intend to do so. That doesn’t mean that strong people are good or bad.

If Mr. B had the courage to say, “I want to go to the left,” Mr. B could have talked with Mr. A, and the two may have gone to the places they wanted to go. Or they may have come to the conclusion that “it’s okay to go straight” while they’re talking.

What I want to say is that even if someone with a weak will and a strong will swallows him, Mr. B chose to “follow Mr. A”.

Even if the destination to the right was not fun for Mr. B, it was not Mr. A’s fault, but Mr. B’s own choice.

In the past, I was definitely Mr. B. Sometimes I still become Mr. B.

I tended to blame others for everything, choosing self-sacrifice, thinking that I had to put up with it.

So I wanted to be stronger so that I could say my opinion. And I wanted to be able to think positively. I have been making efforts for about 20 years.

What kind of effort I have made is, for example, that I hear my bad words. I want to get angry, “What is it!” but, This is a positive thought, and I think, “You guys envy me, right?” I don’t really think so, but I think this is a practice of positive thinking and interpret it in a way that is convenient and good for me.

I just think negatively, so after thinking negatively, I converted it to positive thinking, “I can think this way.”

At that time, she said, “It can’t be that easy” if I told a colleague at that time about this story. In other words, she said, “You’re too optimistic. Are you stupid?” However, I wanted to be stronger, and I thought that positive thinking was important for that, so I continued to make a steady positive transformation, asking, “What’s wrong with optimistic thinking?” I think I can think more positively now than I did at that time.

We cannot be strong in a single step. There is no choice but to make an effort every day.

The law of attraction says that if we wish, it will come true, but if we don’t make an effort, no matter how strong the will, we will not be able to come true. I think.

I’m still weak, and I’m thinking of making more efforts. Fortunately, there are many people who can teach us various things in the video. (*^^*)