To change my thinking habits

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Hello. Today, I would like to think about what we can do to change our thinking habits.

In order to change our thinking habits, it is important to first understand what kind of thinking patterns we have.

By understanding the thoughts behind when you feel some kind of emotion in response to an event, you can understand your own reactions and thinking habits. Understand what kind of thinking patterns you tend to fall into in what situations you find yourself in.

I also think it is important to “look at the facts” and not emotions. The key is to accept what happened as just a fact.

For example, it may be true that “my friend is enjoying a trip abroad” or “a colleague has been promoted,” but feelings such as “envy” or “frustration” are just thoughts and emotions.

It may be effective to plan your own reactions in case you encounter such an event. It is effective to use words that have a positive impact on yourself, such as “I’ll enjoy something myself on my next day off” or “It’s definitely my turn next.”

I try to think, “This is definitely a sign of good things to come,” or “There must be something good coming my way.

By changing the way you perceive yourself, you will feel better.

In this way, practicing new thinking patterns can help you break away from old ones. It is also important to take concrete actions to change your thinking habits.

Continuous practice is required to make new thinking habits stick. You need to make a conscious effort to use new thinking habits in your daily life. You don’t like the effort, but once you get used to it, it becomes an automatic thought, and it becomes a normal thought. Once the new thinking habit becomes normal thinking, the previous thinking habit will change and the mission will be completed.

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