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hello everyone.

I’m going to write what I thought for a while today.

There is a saying called the “mirror law”, which is the same as “what you do to yourself comes to you through others”.

What that means is, for example, if you’re always saying harsh things to yourself. It is a phenomenon that people actually look down on you when you use self-deprecating words like “I’m no good” or “Why can’t I do this?”

Actually, recently, I realized that “my way of thinking about things has changed”, and looking back on the past that I didn’t like, I realized it. Being made to run someone’s errands, being treated as a maid, and being showered with harsh words. I am not working as a maid. I was far from being relied on, and I was ridiculed and treated like a slave.

At the time, I didn’t understand why I was being treated the way I was. I thought it was about female submission, but I read books on how to think and tried trial and error in my own way. recently I started watching videos, so I was able to learn a lot.

In such a way, I realized, “Because I don’t treat myself well, other people don’t want to take care of me!”

Even I, who should be my best ally, doesn’t take care of me, so there’s no way other people will think I’m important.

It’s only recently that I’ve noticed this. People in the videos I watch say things like, “Take care of your inner voice,” “Love yourself more,” “You’re an amazing person,” etc., and they also take care of themselves. They are sending out the content of “Take care of yourself anyway”.

Thanks to watching the videos of people like this, the idea of “valuing me” has probably permeated my heart.

When I think back to the time when I was treated as a maid, I think that I certainly looked down on myself at that time. My self-affirmation was too low, and I was thinking that I shouldn’t have a dream. Despite that, I complained about the events that happened around me, and didn’t take any action. As long as it’s embarrassing. “I’m really sorry to everyone who made me feel bad at that time,” that’s how I feel.

While reflecting on my behavior at the time, I praise myself, saying, “I’ve grown a lot now, and I’ve worked hard.”

From now on, I have to grow more and more and treat myself more and more polite. I should take care of me like a princess. Then, by the “law of the mirror”, happiness and fun will surely come pouring in more and more!

Everyone, please treat yourself as a “lord” or “princess”.

It’s okay if you don’t think too hard. Wearing clean clothes every day, putting yourself in a clean and tidy room, and trying to do what you want to do is taking care of yourself.

Let’s all become “lords” and “princesses” together!

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