Connection with people

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What kind of people do you want to connect with when you want to build new relationships? Is it a person who seems to benefit you? Or are you just someone who finds it fun to be with you?

This time, I would like to think about human relationships, especially “how to connect with people.”

If you think about loss or gain when connecting relationships, you should think that it will not last too long. If you think that you can use or gain something when you are connected to this person, the other person is often thinking about the same thing. It will be a relationship that will be used by each other, or a relationship in which either one will continue to be used. If both of them say “it’s okay”, there is no problem.

But in many cases, the relationships that are used for profit or loss are tiring. If you always feel tired when you meet that person, there may be something you are offering to the other person.

If you connect with people for some reason that you think about it, it will not last long and your mind will get tired. It may be because you think “this relationship is different” somewhere in your mind.

On the other hand, if it’s a reason you feel in your heart, it will be a long-term relationship.

The meaning of feeling in the heart is that you like this kind of person, or that it’s fun to be with you. It’s not the title of the other person, but whether you like the person or not.

If you connect with a title, you will be overwhelmed by it, and you will be atrophied and you will not be able to show your own personality. Then you will not be able to tell the other person what you are good at, and the other person will think, “This person is just looking at my title.” You’ve met a wonderful person, but it’s a waste. In Japanese, it’s called mottainai. The same can be said for romance.

People who do not connect by thinking about titles and gains or losses can learn a lot because they can see and hear the words and actions of the other person regardless of whether the person has a big title or not. (I wrote a similar story about “A person who can see and hear is this person a psychic?”)

One of the most common ways to connect with people is to meet many people, but I think it’s important to be deeply involved with a smaller number of people.

For example, consider talking to 100 people for 2 minutes each and talking to 10 people for 20 minutes each. If you talk to 10 people for 20 minutes each, they will often remember you when you contact them later. And if you talk to 100 people for only 2 minutes each, you probably don’t remember each one, either. You can’t connect with people you don’t remember.right?

So quality is better than quantity. However, if you think “I don’t like this person” within 20 minutes, you can round up. Forcibly speaking is a relationship that you think about in your head.

Even if we have similar days, people are updated daily through that experience. Yesterday’s self and today’s self are a little different. It’s good to meet new people, but even when you meet people you always meet, you may be able to find something new if you meet with the feeling that you met for the first time.