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When my mind is a mess and I can’t get it all together, I wondered if it would be good to meditate. I think everyone has done it once.

In the beginning, I closed my eyes and just sat down, but from the moment I closed my eyes, all sorts of thoughts ran through my head, and it was far from being quiet. By closing my eyes and resting, I can’t help but be noisy in my head. And yet, all of a sudden, I’m asleep.

Many times I thought, “Meditation is difficult.”

So I went to the library, borrowed a book on meditation, and read it, but I found something surprising.

count the number

That’s what it means. If you are walking, count your steps as you walk. If you are sitting, count your breaths, heart beats, clock ticks.

Is it meditation? I thought.

I had always thought that meditation was about going to a temple, sitting in meditation, and doing quietly and solemnly, so I was surprised by this content. Since it was so easy, I thought that even I could do it, so I gave it a try. However, while counting, various chatter begins in my head.

I can’t help but think of something, but this seems to be normal. Human beings seem to be creatures who think unconsciously. So, when you find yourself thinking about something, go back to counting.

Don’t berate yourself, “Why can’t I concentrate on counting?”

Because it’s normal to think about something. Simply start counting again when you realize you are thinking, and repeat.

In the beginning, I couldn’t keep up with this simple task, and I was so tired that I fell asleep before I knew it.

But it might be okay to sleep! I think.

Because I keep thinking about so many things unconsciously every day, so my brain must be tired. That’s why I think that going to sleep will heal that fatigue.

There is also a video called guided meditation that guides you through meditation, so it might be a good idea to make use of it.

I still fall asleep, but the jumbled thoughts in my head are less frequent than when I started. My mind is quieter than it was back then.

And I feel that my mood has calmed down and I can think about things calmly. This may not be the effect of meditation alone, but why not try it yourself? I’m sure you will feel calmer.

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