Know Myself

本とお茶-4 English

Hello. Do you really know yourself?

I think a lot of people would answer, “I’m sure I know, because it’s about me.”

But is it true?

For example, when you want to get married or have a lover, have you ever thought about why you think so?

I’m already in my late 20s, I’m already 40, and I’m about to hit the right age…etc. Are you thinking about these things? It can be said that there is a high possibility that this kind of thing is thinking about your own opinion as a habit or general common sense rather than your own thoughts.

“In the world, it’s normal to get married at this age,” or “My friends, acquaintances, and co-workers are also getting married, so if I don’t get married, I’ll be late.” These are not “your” reasons, are you?

What are your “true” thoughts?

You may be thinking, “To tell you the truth, I don’t want to get married yet,” or, “I’d like to date my current lover a little longer and get to know each other better.”

Knowing yourself means knowing what you really think.

You can say that you truly know yourself by discerning your true feelings without being deceived by those around you.

First of all, forget about the common sense and customs of the world and ask yourself what you think.

In the beginning, you may not be able to get the real answer, but please take your time, even if it’s just three minutes every day. I’m sure you’ll get to know your true self.

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