From YouTube University-1

金平糖-2 English

As I watched YouTube University, I started watching some videos of people who collaborated with Mr. Nakata. I’m going to introduce some of them in two parts.

Encounter with KAJISAC

I don’t know the YouTube world at all, so I don’t know what kind of people there are.

The names of the people that Mr. Nakata often mentioned are Mr. Hikakin and Mr. Kajisac. Of course, I didn’t know either of them, so I realized that they are famous people in the YouTube world.

One day, Mr. Nakata was called to appear on Mr. Kajisac’s program, and at that time I learned that Mr. Kajisac was Mr. Kajiwara of King Kong, a comedy duo. I was surprised that he was doing YouTube. What’s more, he’s been doing it for years and seems to be a popular channel.

From there, I started watching KAJISAC channels from time to time. KAJISAC ‘s wife and children are working together to make a program, and there are times when each is the main program, so we can enjoy various genres. I find it interesting because they invite guests from outside to talk with each other.

Mr. Nakata was invited to appear on such a KAJISAC channel. Mr. Tsutsumishita of Impulse and Mr. Ishida of NON STYLE also appeared there. They were all drinking and talking about their memories, and just listening to them made me happy.

I can’t drink alcohol, but I like these programs quite a bit because I can listen to and enjoy the stories in a place where everyone is excited.

At this time as well, each of us had a lot of fun talking about memories.

Even when I watched the program of the day, all the guests were having a good time talking about memories.

About the Tsutsumishita-syokudo

When I saw Mr. Tsutsumishita of Impulse on Mr. KAJISAC’s program, I remembered what I thought in the past, “I like this person’s Tsukkomi.” Tsukkomi is Japanese. I don’t know the English word, so I write it as Tsukkomi.

No matter what happens, Mr. Tsutsumishita, who quickly and sharply Tsukkomi in, is a person who really knows various things. Because if you don’t know it, you won’t be able to quickly put in a tsukkomi when someone is out of boke. “Boke” is also in Japanese. What is it in English?

In the past, a friend of mine had a boke in the story, but I didn’t know the story about that boke, so I couldn’t put tsukkomi in. Of course, I’m not an entertainer, so it doesn’t matter if I can’t do it.

Because of that, I recognize that tsukkomi is something that can only be done with knowledge.

So, I was interested in Mr. Tsutsumishita, and I knew that Mr. Tsutsumishita was also doing YouTube, so I decided to take a look.

The program name is “Tsutsumishita Syokudo”. As the name suggests, it’s a cooking show. I didn’t know that he likes to cook and eat.

He is longing for Rokusaburo Michiba. In the summer of 2021, he collaborated with Rokusaburo Michiba. Mr.Michiba will show you how to cook and give you tips on how to cook. Ingredients sold at ordinary supermarkets approach the taste of restaurants. It would be great if you could eat something similar to the taste of a restaurant at your home.

In addition, during the program “Izakaya Tsutsumishita,” Inviting guests to talk with the store manager Tsutsumishita. It is a style in which the manager of Tsutsumishita enjoys talking with guests while serving food and sake.

This is also fun to hear about the connections between guests and store managers and past events.

About Tokui-video

It is a program of Mr. Tokui of the tutorial.

When he made a guest appearance at Tsutsumishita-Syokudo, Mr. Tokui said that he would start YouTube, which started around May 2021.

The content is to cook and eat, and now it is narrated by his voice in the post-shooting, but at the beginning it was only subtitles. Moreover, the content of the subtitles is his favorite delusion. He also edits himself and does everything alone.

Around November 2021, a frying pan produced by Mr. Tokui himself was released. There is also a video of a meeting with a processing shop who decided to make the frying pan, and the process is also interesting. It was very fresh to see the frying pan process. Because you can’t see it all the time.

I thought that the program of cooking and eating was actually deep. Not only is he cooking in the kitchen, he is also cooking in the camp, and watching the camp preparation work makes new discoveries. It’s a little tip that can be used for everyday cooking.

In addition, you can see him eating at the dining hall, and eating the lunch box he brought while traveling on the Shinkansen.

It’s just a video of him working silently, but it’s strange why it’s interesting. Editing is also interesting, so I just laugh.