What Is in Me

水玉-2 English

hello. This time, I would like to write on the theme of what is inside me.

Nothing in particular is happening, but it’s a story about exploring what’s inside of you.

Can you say your good points right away? I’m sure you’ve heard many times that you should ask yourself. I didn’t really know how to ask myself, but I found a video that answers it.

Simply put, it means asking yourself positive questions.

do you know what that means? Let me explain.

First of all, the way to ask questions is to ask yourself, “Why can I do ○○?” Insert what you want into ○○. For example, “Why am I in good relationships?”, “Why am I rich?”, “Why am I lucky?”

It seems that you don’t really have to think so about the content you can do. Even if you are not good at cooking, you may find a chance to like cooking by asking “Why am I good at cooking?”

In the beginning, even if you ask a question, you may not get an answer, but it seems to be a good idea to change it to a simple question in such a case. “Why can I work?” “Why can I do housework?” “Why can I play the piano?” “Why am I happy?”

When you get used to asking simple questions like that, if you try again to ask a question that you didn’t get an answer to, you may get an answer this time.

This will also help you find your strengths.

Next, I will explain why you can get answers from yourself just by asking yourself questions.

Unconsciously, we are constantly asking ourselves questions. And when the brain is questioned, it searches for the answer on its own. In other words, the brain tends to look for an answer when asked a question. This is something we do unconsciously, so it may not be very clear to you, but one day, for example, let’s say your friend suddenly behaves coldly. Everyone has had the experience of thinking about this attitude, “Oh, maybe it’s because I broke the promise I made yesterday,” “Or maybe it was this morning, or this during the day.” It’s like this. When you ask yourself a question, your brain searches your head and gives you possible answers.

The way to positively use this nature and find your own good points is to ask, “Why can I do ○○?”

Even if you don’t think you can do it yourself, if you ask a question, you may get an answer. You will discover that you are better than you thought, and that will give you confidence.