The truth about anger

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Hello. I once said that when I get angry, if I think about why I get so angry, I find that deep down there is sadness.( At the root of anger

This time I would like to dig a little deeper and think about it psychologically. By knowing what exactly makes you angry, you will be able to understand yourself.

For example, when someone makes a fool of you. You feel very angry. When your anger has subsided a little, think about why you felt like you were made a fool of.

You think. “That person looked down on himself. There’s no way he wouldn’t get angry at being looked down upon.” Next, let’s try to recall if there are any other times when you were looked down upon.

What is your oldest memory or what is your strongest memory? Is that person still looking down on you?

For example, let’s say that when you were little, someone often made fun of you. Will that person still make fun of you now that you’re an adult? And are you stupid enough to be made fun of by others? I’m sure the answer is “No.”

The oldest or strongest memory is probably where the anger started. Anger comes out when the feeling of inferiority within oneself is stimulated.

Have you ever been treated unfairly by someone in the past? Or have you ever treated someone unfairly?

The reason why I asked whether the person had experience as a victim or perpetrator is because the person’s actions themselves are their weaknesses.

I would like you to think back to a time when you had a fight, and what kind of words and actions you used towards the other person. That’s your weakness as it is.

Have you ever been told, “Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to you”? This is exactly it. There is a mentality at work that says, “I didn’t like what was done to me, so I’m sure the other person will too.” As an example of the previous question, that is why you are trying to gain an advantage by treating others unfairly.

When we get angry, it’s actually an opportunity.

It’s time to realize the inferiority complex that’s sleeping inside you and put an end to it. By putting an end to it, even if something similar happens again, you won’t get angry anymore.

At the root of anger

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