Law of attraction-2 - I read a lot of books

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For a while, I read a book that was different from the law of attraction. There were many psychological books. I also read a meditation book. I also tried to write the Sanskrit characters.

And I don’t know why, but once again I pick up a book that says “The Law of Attraction.”

The author of the book is different from the last time, but I’ve always wanted to understand it, so I want to understand it this time.


I felt like I could understand or not understand.

In the previous book, the “universe” was positioned as a god in me, but this book says, “The universe is the source that continues to create everything that exists in this world beyond space-time.”

In other words, is it God?

And the book says, “You don’t have to wish for what you want to do.” What does it mean to grant hope without wishing?

What is said in this book is that the universe receives frequencies, not languages. It seems that we emit a unique frequency when we “think” something.

For example, suppose you are thinking, “I want to be like this! I really want to come true!” This means that I feel like “I’m not like this! Very miserable!” Because of such strong feelings, the universe gives priority to the poor reality and makes it come true.

What is it ~! Then what should I do?!!

I think that. I really don’t understand what it means to come true without wishing.

The book says it’s important to be aware of where your feelings are right now.

Start by “noticing” yourself that you are wondering what to do if this happens, worrying that you are scared if that happens, or that you are conscious of something you don’t like.

If you find yourself, then think for the better.

If you realize that you are worried about what to do if that happens, think about what will improve. It shifts to a positive way of thinking, such as “It’s okay. I’m lucky, so I can avoid it!” Or “If that happens, I can solve it!” In the meantime, my anxiety gradually decreased and I became more confident in myself.

This book is next saying

“Life develops in the direction you are conscious”

In other words, is this the “law of attraction”?

But I got the idea. It’s more positive than negative, isn’t it?

If you think “I don’t want to fall”, you fall. However, if you start running thinking “I’m confident that I won’t fall!”, It means that you won’t really fall. If you really fall, you might think, “No, I haven’t fallen yet. I just stumbled.”