勉強 English

hello. When you learn something, do you output it?

What do you think the output is? This output I am talking about is what you tell someone when you learn something new. By telling someone, you will be able to check it again in yourself, so it will be a review of what you have studied. Review is important, isn’t it?

If you hear a good story, tell it to three people.

However, there may be people who say that there is no one to listen to them, or that they are interested but the people around them are not interested. In such a case, it is recommended to use SNS. In my case, I write a blog called a diary like this, and I talk to people who read it.

It’s good to send it yourself on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc., or look at someone’s transmission and like it! Of course, you can also comment on the caller. You can also interact with the callers and other people who leave comments.

By telling someone like that, you will also receive new information from someone else. I’m not lying. Try pressing the good button or heart mark. AI automatically displays similar information as recommendations.

AI searches for information that we may like from a huge amount of information and displays it as “How about this?”

Japanese people like to read the atmosphere, so they often think, “I won’t say it here,” and don’t express their own thoughts. I do too.

That’s why I think that commenting on SNS is also a way to practice communicating with people you don’t know.

I didn’t know what to write, so I couldn’t comment. However, I can click the good button or heart mark. Also, don’t you think it’s easier to write thank you? Recently, I’ve started writing “thank you” in comments on Instagram and Twitter, thinking that I should take some action.

It is important to convey gratitude, and by writing with all your heart, your heart will be enriched. If you think so, the output will be for someone, and it will also be for yourself.

By saying thank you to someone, if that person is happy, I feel happy too. If you are hesitant to comment, why not take a look at YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter and click the good button or heart mark?

Even if something doesn’t change right away, by expressing gratitude, your heart will surely become richer. Then you will be able to see the world you see differently.

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