Realize that “there is”

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Hello. It is important to realize what you have, such as happiness and abundance.

We live our daily lives through various experiences. This includes many things that we take for granted. However, those things we take for granted can be the very things that make us happy.

It is important to realize the happiness and abundance that we already have. In our daily lives, having a feeling of gratitude and valuing the happiness that we have has a positive impact on our mental health.

It also helps us know our own worth and understand our lives more deeply. Being aware of what we have allows us to celebrate our own successes without comparing ourselves to others. It will also increase our own self-esteem. That’s why I think it’s so important to realize what we ourselves have.

For example, the feeling of fresh air when you wake up in the morning. A hot meal on the table. Smiles and words from family and friends. These are common things we experience every day, but each one enriches our lives.

However, we often overlook the fact that these small things can actually bring us happiness and enrichment. Isn’t that so?

In order to realize that we actually have a lot of things, it is important to consciously turn our attention to the ordinary moments and feel the happiness that lies within them.

Something I did about three years ago was to keep a gratitude diary. Even though it’s called a diary, it’s just bullet points. For example, “Beautiful flowers bloomed in the garden,” “I was able to eat delicious food,” or “The sky was blue and beautiful.” It was just really trivial things. Actually, it didn’t last three months, but I was able to realize how many things are around me.

Even if it’s only for a week, I recommend you try it as a way to practice paying attention to your surroundings. You will be able to realize what you have now and reaffirm its value.

Also, by practicing mindfulness, we can focus on each moment and feel the happiness that is there. Wikipedia describes mindfulness as “a psychological process of paying attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.”

I’ve been hearing the term “mindfulness meditation” a lot lately, and it’s a form of meditation that involves consciously creating a mental state that allows you to calm down the thoughts that pop up in your head and focus only on the “now”. In guided meditations, the instructor often says, “Focus on your breathing.”

Another effective way to feel happy in your daily life is to use positive words about yourself. By increasing your self-esteem, you will feel a deeper sense of your own existence and find happiness more easily.

Our lives are filled with ordinary moments. Each of those moments makes us happy. That’s why I think it’s important to pay attention to things we take for granted in our daily lives and feel the happiness within them in order to lead a fulfilling life.

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