The value of existence

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Hello. Some time ago, I wrote a story saying, “We are very valuable because we just exist, and we are useful to someone without knowing it.” Talk about Self-settings

People are always looking for reasons. For example, when asked, “Why are you friends with that person?”, you will get an answer such as, “They are interesting,” or, “It’s fun to be with them.”

But in reality, the reason is mostly an afterthought.

When we first met, we talked casually, stayed close to each other, and before we knew it, we became friends. “Let’s be friends from today,” you don’t sign a contract, do you? Because we get along well, we have fun together, share interesting things, and become friends.

Today’s topic is “the value of existence”, but in the case of a company, we are sometimes told that we are “useful” or “useless”.

In the case of a company, we gather under a contract to provide labor and receive a salary, so if we cannot provide labor, it is inevitable that we will not receive compensation.

However, this is the aspect of “labor force for the company” and does not refer to each person’s personality itself. If you are in a place other than work with the person, you may be compatible.

Such is the case, “He can’t do his job, but for some reason, when I’m with him, I feel at ease” or “You can’t hate him, can you?” On the other hand, “He can work, but I don’t want to meet him in private.”

People have things they are good at and things they are not good at. If someone is bad at it, someone else is good at it. The world is designed so that people can make up for each other’s weaknesses and fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

Therefore, rather than lamenting that you are not good at it, you should bring out what you are good at and make up for someone else’s weaknesses. Everyone exists because they need it.

Because even if there are people who are very similar to me, there is no one in this world who is exactly like me. I am the only precious person in this world. There is only one person in the world, whether that person, this person, or any other person that you see in your eyes.

So be confident in yourself and you’ll be fine.

Talk about Self-settings

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