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本とお茶 English

The first thing I saw was “Kojiki”.

I only knew the name Kojiki, but I thought to the characters Amaterasu Omikami, Susano onomikoto, and Okuninushi, “Oh, that’s the name I know,” and decided to take this opportunity to know it properly.

It would be difficult to read it in a book, but I would appreciate it if you could explain it. Then I started the video to see it immediately.

Mr. Nakata’s story was interesting from beginning to end, and it was very interesting, thinking “Is that so ?!” “Hey, I didn’t know” “Susanoo-sama, do you do that ?!” I listened.

But this video has episodes 1 to 4, each about 30 to 40 minutes. It’s a pretty feature film.

The concentration I was watching one after another was amazing, but Professor Nakata’s commentary was easy to understand, and I wasn’t bored with it.

For that reason, I decided to watch the next video, the next video, and so on.