From YouTube University-2-The person closest to Mr. Nakata

金平糖-1 English

Today is the channel of the people closest to Mr. Nakata.

About Fujimori Channel

The person closest to Mr. Nakata, Mr. Fujimori of Oriental Radio, also started YouTube from around March 2020.

It’s a new style of talking with guests while driving, and it’s a system of listening again, but I like it.

Besides, to make a sauna that Mr. Fujimori likes, buying land in Nagano and developing with salon members, and DIY of the newly rented office are also very interesting.

He has never done land reclamation or DIY, so he uses the wisdom of experienced people to cultivate the land to grow fields, plant trees, and build office walls. The struggle of Mr. Fujimori is very impressive. He is showing us that even if he has never done it, he can overcome it with the help of someone.

I’m more of a hugging type, so I think it’s very important to get the help of others. It’s faster, safer, and more fun to do together than to do it alone.

Even if you think you can only do simple things, it can be very difficult for someone. You don’t know what you can do without interacting with people.

In other shows, It will show you the other side of the commercial shooting. It ’s just like watching a movie making video, it ’s funny. Although the commercials are short, we can see that they spend a lot of time to make them one, and that everyone involved is working professionally.

When I see these things, I sometimes wonder if it’s a very difficult world.

About Moe-ch

Mr. Nakata’s wife also started YouTube after moving to Singapore in 2021.

The cameraman is Mr. Nakata. From the casual conversation of the couple, you can see how close they are.

English subtitles are also included, so if you prefer English, you can enjoy it as well.

This channel is primarily about Singapore, and you’ll feel like you’re being taken to explore the city, starting with Merlion, to the Apple Store, shopping malls, markets, and more. Even though it’s also in Japan, the items it sells are different or a little expensive. Even though it is a country of everlasting summer, winter clothes are on the market around November . Winter clothing is probably for people traveling abroad.

Moe is also in Nakata’s online salon, so she makes friends with the salon members, goes out to eat and go shopping together, and is posted on YouTube. She seems to be very active.

She is a wonderful person who edits herself and challenges everything.

At the end of 2021, they were back in Japan, and it seems that they went sightseeing in Tokyo, hot spring trips, and USJ. I saw a very fun family trip video.


Many other entertainers have started YouTube, so it’s one of the pleasures to see one side that we can’t see on TV.