Change your habits.

本とお茶-2 English

Hello. This time, I want you to try it to improve your luck.

In fact, luck does not go up unless you try to raise it yourself.

In other words, I think I wrote it before, but I decide my life by myself.

I have talked about the subconscious before, but if I touch on it a little, it is only 5% of our conscious mind that we want to achieve our dreams and goals. 95% of us are subconscious, and when our subconscious doesn’t want our dreams and goals to come true, this is the brake. In this state, the conscious mind is much weaker than the subconscious mind. That’s why we are in a situation where the dreams and goals we have are not coming true. Therefore, it is necessary for the subconscious mind to want to fulfill the same wish as the conscious mind. (What you need to notice to


It’s good to make the words we hear ourselves upward, in order to get our subconscious to be on our side and to increase our luck.

If we use a lot of negative words, our luck will go down. We want to avoid the negative words we hear from other people, but the words that are most memorable are our own words, which we use every day. We are inseparable from ourselves, so first try changing your habits to something positive.

As for what kind of words to use, for example, “This is good news!” In this way, it is a word that can be believed that “my future will change into what I want.”

Always try to say, “This is good news!” Not only when there are good things, but also when they are not. It will change gradually.

It’s gradual, so it’s hard to notice right away, but when you look back, you’ll notice it’s getting better.

Depending on the person, it may change immediately, so think that you might be like that, and try it while being excited.

What you need to notice to

believe in yourself