How to Be Loved

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Hello. This time, I would like to think about what I should do to become a loved one.

When you want someone to love you, or to meet someone you love, you often hear people say, “Love yourself first.”

But what does it mean to love myself?

The same goes for taking care of myself. What I want to say this time is to please myself.

For example, because you want to be loved or liked by someone, don’t you agree with that person’s opinion? It might be a good idea to try to meet someone who wants to get closer to you, or who is interested in something you don’t know. But, I’m not that interested, but I don’t want to be hated by that person. That’s why I try to pretend that I like what the person says I like. This kind of thing is this may be something that everyone has experienced at least once.

As you’ve probably noticed, this completely suppresses your own personality.

By trying to respond to someone’s thoughts, the situation where you can’t show yourself is the same act as hurting yourself. The situation means that you are not happy. Not being happy means that you are suppressing your feelings. You don’t take care of yourself.

If you do what makes you happy, no matter how small it is, you will feel happy.This is what it means to love yourself.

When you learn to love yourself, you will naturally be able to share your love with others.

When the love cycle of sharing begins, you will find yourself surrounded by many people who love you. Of course, you too love the people who gather around you.

So while you say, “If you don’t love me, I won’t give you my love,” you can’t really be loved by anyone. If you want to be loved, it is important to know what love is. It begins with making yourself happy.

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