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Today, I would like to write about a video of Ms. Healer, who is counseling from Japan to the United Kingdom.

She had been suffering from anorexia nervosa since she was a junior high school student, and when she was a high school student, she went to a counselor with her own pocket money and struggled to get rid of it.

However, she seems to have been unable to improve, but at one point she noticed “Oh, that’s right”, and then her symptoms improved and she was able to get out of her illness.

What she noticed was that she was sick and she was herself. She thought she wasn’t good because she was ill, but she realized that she wasn’t bad because she had this illness.

Is what she says a little complicated?

To put it simply, “I’m sick, so what’s the matter? Even if I’m sick, I’m me, nothing is wrong.

I wonder if it feels like.

She could admit that she was herself in any form.

I wrote something very similar before, do you remember?(Brain science law of attraction-3

When you accept emotions such as “I don’t try to eliminate or avoid negative emotions, and I sympathize with them,” I think so, “the negative emotions calm down.

I think that is similar to this person’s condition.

And this person went to England, studied counseling, and became a counselor in England as it is, and seems to be saving people.

But what’s strange about her is that she can use magic.

She seems to access something in a person’s consciousness and face that person to what he or she doesn’t want to face most.

It feels like she is willing to face what they should be facing and help them overcome themselves.

In her story, when healing someone, she takes something bad of them into her and purifies it. So she says she’s not feeling well for a while after taking in negative energy.

She’s amazing that she can use magic. But it’s painful for her to have to take negative energy into herself in order to save someone. I thought so.

There are really many people in the world, such as psychics and wizards.