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Today, I would like to write about what is holding the brakes when dreams don’t come true, and what to do to remove the brakes.

Previously, I wrote about Depth psychology story -1 but,  our Consciousness includes conscious and subconscious. It is often likened to the tip of the iceberg. The conscious mind is on the surface of the sea, and the subconscious mind is hidden in the sea.

Here’s a drawing I made a while ago.


In this way, it is said that the part we use as thinking is only about 5%.

We want our dreams and goals to come true. It is the conscious mind. If the subconscious mind does not want to fulfill their dreams or goals, this is the brake. In this state, the conscious mind is much weaker than the subconscious mind. That’s why we are in a situation where the dreams and goals we have are not coming true.

Even if you are 5% conscious of wanting to get married, 95% of your subconscious is thinking that you do not want to get married. Your subconscious desires will come true.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of your subconscious (what you really think).

For that reason, first of all, for example, please think about what makes you irritated.

If you think “I don’t like that person’s loud voice” or “I don’t like that person’s pompous attitude”, you may be doing the same thing. Please look back. Are you doing the same behavior that you find offensive to others?

In most cases, what we think of others (including animals) is often the same thing we do to others.

When you look back and realize, “Oh, I was shouting too!” or, “I had a bossy attitude to that person!” The more you realize it, the less frustrated you are about it.

And by noticing it, the unpleasant feeling disappears, and even if you encounter the same scene, you will not think anything of it. It’s strange, isn’t it? Even though we just notice it.

In order to realize that our dreams and goals have not come true because we have this thought inside of us, our subconscious mind gives us the signs that we are feeling uncomfortable and feeling bad. Being irritated means that you are irritating someone else, and you will continue to be irritated until you realize that.

In the first example, “I want to get married but I can’t”, something is hidden inside you. The reason why you can’t do that is in your heart. There must be something inside of you that makes you think, “I don’t want to get married.” By noticing, you may soon meet your ideal partner.

To put it simply, the world unfolding in front of you is all your subconscious showing you something.

As I wrote in Brain science law of attraction-1 “People only see what they want to see” It means that your subconscious is making you see it as something you need.

This is because in order to achieve your dreams and goals, you have to be aware of them.

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