About meteorites

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It seems that various meteorites have fallen on the earth so far. I saw a video that introduces some of the most famous ones, so this time I will write about meteorites.

・Aende meteorite

It has fallen since AD and is the largest carbonaceous material.

In February 1969, it exploded in the atmosphere into hundreds of debris and fell near the village of Febrito de Aende.

The debris found is 1g-110kg. When it was in space, it is estimated to have been over 5 tons in size. The meteorite itself is believed to be more than 4.5 billion years old.

4.5 billion years is about the same age as the earth, isn’t it? Was it a satellite of the earth?


・Hoba meteorite

Discovered in Namibia in 1920. It is estimated that it fell 80,000 years ago.

The main components are iron and nickel. It is the largest natural metal on earth. The mass is 60t. And because it has a regular shape, it is whispered that it may be a fragment of a spaceship.

Mysteriously, this meteorite has no craters around it, so it seems that the spacecraft has landed. But even if it was a spaceship, why did it become debris after landing?

Suppose it is not a spaceship. Since the shape of the meteorite had an unprecedented flat surface, it is thought that it bounced like a drainer in the upper part of the atmosphere and fell. The discovery was a coincidence, as the Hoba meteorite left no impact craters. The meteorite buried in the ground was found while cultivating with cattle at the farm Hoba West Farm near Grootfontein, a city in northern Namibia.


・Mexico Chicxulub Crater Asteroid

This is believed to be the cause of the extinction of dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

The size of the crater is 150km in diameter and 20km in depth. The size of this asteroid is estimated to be 10 km for some researchers and 80 km for some researchers, where the opinions of researchers are divided. Recently, it is indicated as 17km to 21km.

Since this asteroid fell at an angle of 45-60 ° from the northeast, a huge amount of dust and dirt flew up into the atmosphere.

If this angle was a little different, the dinosaurs might have lived with us. So are we every day running away from dinosaurs? And we may not be able to live like we are now. Even if we build a house, it will be destroyed. It’s scary. I can’t stand it.

According to a theory published in Science magazine in 2010, the magnitude of the earthquake that occurred near the collision point is estimated to be 11 or more, and the tsunami that occurred is estimated to be about 300 meters high.


What did you think? It seems that meteorites are still falling somewhere, so you should always be careful overhead. It’s not just beautiful shooting stars.

And the Earth is a member of this vast universe and our only home. I want to cherish it.