Good words to say when things don’t go well

ハート-2a English

Hello. This time, I will introduce words that are good to say when you are trying hard but your days don’t change and you are having a hard time.

When I heard this story, I thought, “Huh?” but when I asked the rationale, I thought, I see.

The word is “it shouldn’t be like that“.

try to say, “I’m trying so hard, but it’s strange that I can’t get results.” Then, when our brains hear those words, we begin to wonder, “Is that so? Is it strange?”

Our brain has the property of looking for answers when asked. Therefore, when the brain is told that something is wrong, it will determine what is “wrong”. As a result, your behavior will gradually change, and you will gradually be able to see results that you have not achieved before.

If you change your behavior, your reality will change.

For example, when a couple fights a lot, try saying, “I love my partner so much, but it’s strange that we’re fighting.” While saying it a few times, strangely, the fight will decrease.

“It’s weird that I’m so cute and I can’t have a lover.”

“It’s weird that I’m working so hard and not getting ahead.”

After saying it several times, your behavior will change without you noticing, or you will act on something with inspiration, and you will see results.

However, some things may not change no matter how much you keep saying them. In such a case, maybe the direction of your efforts is different, so please stop and examine whether you really want to get it.

Sometimes your thoughts deny you while you mutter over and over again.

“I say so, but I’m not cute.”

“Having said that, I wasn’t serious about it, was I?”

“I’ve skipped many times, haven’t I?”

And so on. In such a case, I would like to say, “Shut up, me!” However, if I try to hold them down, their resistance will only grow stronger. In such a case, please accept negative thoughts once, saying, “I’ve been told that before” or “I’m sure I skipped a couple of days.” After that,

“But I’m cute now.”

“But I haven’t been skipping lately.”

Saying it again makes it easier to accept.

In my case, I was told many times by others that I was “ugly” instead of “not cute”.But over the years, I’ve been looking in the mirror and saying, “That’s not true, I look cute at this angle,” or “My eyes are beautiful.” When I remember it, it brings tears to my eyes.

Speaking of which, here’s a caveat.

Don’t compare yourself with other people outside when you say “it shouldn’t be like that”.

It’s like, ‘It’s strange that he’s getting promoted even though he hasn’t done anything. Other people are other people, and I am myself. Your life is yours, so comparing it to others is nonsense.

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