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招き猫-1 English

In March 2021, Mr. Nakata moved to Singapore. Along with that, he decided to stop appearing on the screen and explained using an avatar.

It started in April 2021. The first is “Death Note”. It’s just like L.

At first, I felt something was wrong. The white board was also digitized and the characters were easy to see, but I wanted to see the characters of Mr. Nakata.

Avatar also feels strange only at the beginning, and I wondered if I could get used to it each time. But what! Immediately after the end of the first broadcast, Mr. Nakata’s avatar will be canceled!!

I want to see the real face of Mr. Nakata from other people rather than the avatar! It seems that there were many requests.

I was trying to get used to it, I …

What I thought about here is that the speed of judgment when I think it is useless and the speed of changing plans can also be used for business. Of course, you shouldn’t change it over and over again, but when you start running after pondering and think it’s no good, the quickness and sportsmanlike of the conversion cannot be imitated. Most of the time it’s too late to stick to your thoughts.

Now, let’s get back to the story.

Avatar has been canceled, but he has taken about three shots earlier, so he has resumed his appearance in May.

There are many things that have changed, but what I like about it is that the whiteboard has a marker that tells you where he’s explaining. In addition, the material video is included in the white board, making it easier to understand.

The great thing about Professor Nakata is that he doesn’t get up for free when he falls (I don’t know if he has fallen). I want to apprentice.