Advantages of looking up at the sky

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Hello. Over the past year, I have looked up at the sky more often. I don’t know if that’s the effect, but I feel like I have more peace of mind. It is said that looking at the sky has several psychological benefits, so this time I would like to write about the benefits of looking up at the sky.

1. I feel calm

From a psychological point of view, blue skies are said to have a calming effect on people’s minds. Therefore, when you are feeling irritated or feeling restless, you can take a breather by looking up at the sky. This will make it easier to make calm decisions.

2. Has a relaxing effect

When we see a bright blue sky, our pulse rate and blood pressure drop, our mind becomes calmer, and we naturally feel relaxed. It also secretes a healing hormone called serotonin, which makes us feel more stable and happy.

This is probably why I feel like my heart has become broader.

3. We can temporarily forget about our worries.

I think this varies from person to person, but I feel like looking up at the vast sky gives me a bit of courage.

When something painful or sad happens, we tend to only see what’s right in front of us, and our field of vision tends to become narrow. At times like this, looking up at the infinitely wide and endless sky calms my mind and gives me the energy to move forward.

As mentioned above, there are many benefits to be gained by looking up at the sky. It is said to be effective to look at it on a bright, open day with a clear sky, a cloudless blue sky, and a clear sky.

In addition to health benefits, research has shown that looking up at the sky increases creativity. It is believed that looking up at the sky activates the brain and stimulates creativity and imagination.

I enjoy finding cloud shapes that resemble something. There were times when the clouds looked like white waves, and it felt like there was an ocean in the sky.

We can also learn about nature by looking at the sky. For example, we can deepen our knowledge about natural phenomena, such as the types and movements of clouds, the positions and angles of the sun and stars.

When you feel a bit tired, when you’re feeling down, or even when it’s nothing, why not take a moment to look up at the sky?

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