Talk about Self-settings

花-11 English

hello everyone. What do you mean by the title? You think so. Today, I will talk about rewriting my unconscious beliefs about myself in the direction of happiness.

When a person is born, he has a pure white heart, but as he lives, he sees and hears various things, or is told directly by a person, and he thinks that he is such a person. You’re deciding that you’re like this. You often think that it is not yourself, but the influence of those around you. That means you can change your beliefs yourself. For example, if you’re thinking, “I’m dark and I’m not always confident,” think about what you want to be. If you want to be a bright and confident person, believe that you can do it. I talked about Increase successful experiences before, but I hope you can refer to that as well.

To gain your trust, you need to increase your experience of success and rejoice in every little thing. It’s about accumulating small happiness and keeping promises with yourself. A promise to yourself is, for example, doing what you have decided to “do this every day.”

If you want a reason for your existence, feel free to give your own reason. In the world, each person lives by sharing good points. For example, in a restaurant

・ Some people are cleaning the inside of the store.

・ Some people think about the menu

・ Some people choose tableware

・ There are people who design menus and signboards, and decorate the interior of the store.

・ There are people who cook

・ There are people who can handle it

・ If there is a touch panel used for ordering, there are people who make the main body.

・ There are people who make programs that can be put on the touch panel.

・ Some people have transported goods

・ Some people built the shop

There is no end to counting.In this way, each of them exerts their respective abilities to create one space. The existence of oneself helps others without even realizing it.

So you can give yourself any reason. Then give yourself a reason to be happy. You don’t have to take care of the unpleasant things that others have told you.

Be happy in what you have now. No matter how small, you will be able to attract happiness by feeling happiness and miracles and instilling happiness in your subconscious mind every day.

If you can’t believe it, you’re going to set it yourself.

I’m a master who finds happiness every day.

I’m lucky after all.

I’m wonderful.

It is like this. What kind of settings do you make?

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