What causes poor eyesight?

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Hello. Do you have good eyesight?

I have been myopia since I was in the 5th grade of elementary school. I have a very bad eye in junior high and high school, and it’s hard to read a book without glasses or contact lenses.

I’ve been wearing glasses of the same power for many years since I became a member of society, but recently, maybe because I’ve been watching YouTube a lot, it’s getting a little harder to see.

I also hear the word “presbyopia on smartphones”, and I wanted to improve it somehow, so I searched for it. Then, I found a video for recovering eyesight, so this time I would like to write about eyesight. This time, I will explain the causes and countermeasures, and next time, I will introduce the methods for recovering eyesight.

First of all, myopia, astigmatism, strabismus, ptosis, cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, etc. are the types of visual impairment. And what is thought to be the cause of these is blood flow, lack of oxygen, and lack of nutrients.

If blood circulation is poor, oxygen and nutrients will not reach the cells. If this happens, the gastrointestinal function, which is supposed to digest and absorb nutrients, will also decrease.

The teacher in this video says that at the time of breathing, there is also a lack of oxygen. We are breathing, but the amount is small. In other words, breathing is shallow.

Looking back, I sometimes think that there is little air. I don’t live in high mountains. At one point, I took a deep breath many times, thinking that there was not enough air. When I think about it, I also breathing was shallow.

It is important to be aware of inspiration rather than exhalation. Exhaling seems to be easier than inhaling. You can easily sigh, right? Breathing requires the work of the diaphragm, but people with shallow breathing seem to have a weakened diaphragm, so training is required.

For the training introduced by the teacher, first prepare a 500㎖ PET bottle. Make three holes in the bottom with a drill, and then blow in from the mouth of the PET bottle. Exhale through your mouth over 6 to 10 seconds. Do this 5 to 10 times.

By doing this, the diaphragm is strengthened and the lack of oxygen in breathing is eliminated. Even if you don’t have to worry about breathing, if the blood flow is not good, not only the gastrointestinal function but also the body will not receive enough oxygen. Then what should we do?

It’s an exercise!

I can hear the voice saying “yeah”

The exercises introduced by the teacher do not use tools, so you can do it whenever you come up with it. It is “air skipping rope”. In other words, you just have to jump on the spot with the intention of jumping rope. You don’t have to worry about getting caught and falling.

If you don’t like jumping rope, you can raise your thighs.

I think that radio calisthenics is also good because I exercise to improve blood circulation. I think there are many people who do it at the company every morning. If you take this radio calisthenics seriously, your body will be warm. You can feel that the circulation of blood has improved. I have no more stiff shoulders, so please try it seriously.

Now that you have improved oxygen and blood flow, your gastrointestinal function has improved, and you have been able to absorb nutrients well and deliver them to every corner of your body.

Breathing training in PET bottles and exercises for air skipping rope should improve your physical condition. Next time, I will introduce exercises for recovering eyesight.