Where to Focus

木-1 English

Hello everybody.

In the course of life, there are times when you think, “Why is this happening?!” It is not uncommon for such intense emotions to arise.

What do you think is the only thing you should do when you have these big emotions, instead of just getting angry, not heartbroken, much less panicking?

that’s right. You think about “What do you want to do?”, “What do you want to become?”, and “What kind of future do you want to live?”

Is a future full of anger okay? Is it okay to live in a sad future? Is it okay to live in a future where I just go back and forth and get swayed by someone else?

You can replace the future part with “life”. I don’t like living like that.

I hope that what I do will benefit someone and make them happy. I am writing this blog as a diary, but I hope that this content will be useful to someone.

At all times, what you think about is “I want to be and the future.” I think that becoming aware of what you want to do now is the first step toward building a better future.

I hope everyone can live with a smile.