To make a wish come true

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hello. The other day, I wrote about what we must be aware of in order to make our dreams and wishes come true. ( Believe in yourself and What you need to notice to) I will think about what to do after successfully conveying my wishes to 95% of my subconscious.

First of all, imagine the time when it came true, and spend your time excitedly. Please keep doing this.

And I think it’s a little-known fact that for wishes to come true, they come from far away.

What I mean is, for example, when someone who lives far away comes to see you, they first take an airplane or a train, and then gradually come closer to you. If you pick them up at the nearest airport or station, they will come close to you so that you can see them right away.

In the same way, Mr. “Wish come true” gives a sign of his existence from a place far away from us.

If I wanted to get married, I would turn on the TV and see a celebrity announcing their engagement, having a wedding press conference, or just returning from their honeymoon. In this way, events that are far away from us are first shown to us as notifications that they will come true.

When the news gradually comes out in a familiar place, it is a sign that it will come true soon.

A friend got married, or a brother or sister got engaged.

At times like this, I sometimes get frustrated, thinking, “Why are all the people around me getting married, but it’s not happening to me?”

This thought is very unfortunate.

Because Mr. “Wish come true” has come to my family, and it will come true soon, but seeing me negative, Mr. “Wish come true” gets scared and turns back.

Until now, I had been patiently waiting for Mr. “Wish come true” to come, but my rejection was so strong that Mr. “Wish come true” left. Negative emotions are so heavy that they seem to have the power to cancel out the efforts made so far.

In other words, I have “cancelled my wish.”

Then I will start over from ordering again. It may have been just before shipping, but I canceled it, so I have to wait until it arrives again.

So, if something good happens around you

“Next, it’s my turn!!”

Let’s say “Congratulations!” to the other party from the bottom of our hearts.

“Next is me! It will come true soon!!”

As you spend your time happily, the wish you ordered will be delivered to you along with Mr. “Wish come true.”

believe in yourself

What you need to notice to