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Hello everyone.

Today I would like to write about a consultation I received from a person. The name of the counselor is Mr. A. Mr. A seems to be very interested in Mr. B’s behavior.

For example, a manager and a section chief are talking in the hallway. I want to go there, but I have to go between them. what would you do? I would say “excuse me” and bend over, feeling like I’m going through a narrow tunnel, and passing through without obstructing their view.

Mr. A seems to do the same thing as me, Mr. B seems to have blocked their view and went through. As Mr. B said, “The two people blocking the corridor are bad,” Mr. A thought. In another sighting, Mr. B does not say hello when the customer comes to the office. Or leave the conference room door open. Or, doesn’t clean the office in the morning,etc.

Mr. A seems to have no choice but to be concerned about Mr. B.

At one point, Mr. A suddenly thought, “Am I strange?” If so, he told me to say so. So what I answered was

1.You are you and you are the one and only

2.That each person has justice

3.That the world has only what it needs

These are the three. I will explain them one by one.

・You are you and you are the one and only

I was once told at my previous workplace that there was no common sense. But from the perspective of my friends and older people at work, I was said to be normal. In other words, if there is a white thing in the black thing, the white thing is bad, and if there is a black thing in the white thing, the black thing is bad.

So it can be white, black, red, blue or whatever. People have their own colors and no one is the same. They live independently in similar colors (consciousness).

・That each person has justice

Based on the fact that we are unique, we live with each justice, that is, each way of thinking. There is a word “ten people, ten colors” in Japanese, and that’s exactly what it is. Ten people have their own ideas, and they all agree on what they have in common.

30% of my thoughts agree with another person, which means I can or cannot agree, but I don’t mean that I don’t accept it because I don’t agree 100%. If you don’t accept my opinion 100%, it’s my selfishness to say, “You are not my ally.” It’s the same as imposing my opinion and not admitting you.

If you do that, you could be in the opposite position. When the other person imposes justice, you must accept it 100%.Can you do it? I don’t like it.

・That the world has only what it needs

There are opinions from different people, so you can notice it yourself. You don’t have to quarrel with that person just because you disagree. Knowing opinions that you don’t have will broaden your horizons. If you don’t agree, all you have to do is know the existence of that opinion. The other person is there to make me aware of it. By thinking that it exists because it is necessary, you will be able to see things from various angles.

I told Mr. A about the above, but what do you think about it?

It may be difficult to accept, but Mr. A has Mr. A’s way of thinking, and Mr. B has Mr. B’s way of thinking. If you look at someone else’s behavior and think it’s strange or wonderful, your behavior will change. What you notice is meaningful on its own. If you don’t notice it, the status quo will be maintained.

I think that the horizons and vessels will gradually expand by incorporating ideas that I did not notice, revising my actions, and reconfirming that this is okay. As your vessel grows, the world you see will change as well. And again, you will be able to notice what you did not notice, and the world you can see will expand. At the same time, I think that every day will become more enjoyable.

How do you think?

I hope you also read the following story.

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