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Hello. This time, I will think about when I feel happy.

I bought three travel magazines the other day. I feel like traveling abroad.

I’m not actually planning to travel abroad, but I wanted to see it somehow. Or rather, I actually had plans to travel abroad before the pandemic, but I had to cancel. Perhaps because of that feeling, I happened to come across them at a bookstore and bought them for three different countries.

When I open the book, first of all there is a map and a model excursion plan is presented, and I immediately stroll through the book as if I had entered the country. Recommended shops, sightseeing spots, and bits of knowledge.

It’s introduced with colorful pictures and photos, and I’m looking at it while thinking, “I want to go there,” “This looks like fun,” “This dish looks delicious,” and “I might like it.” I can’t help but have fun. By the time I close the book, I feel like I’ve just returned from a trip. I bought 3 books, so I traveled to 3 countries (laughs)

When I really travel, there is something I take back home as a souvenir. It’s the same with the photos, but it’s the shop card of the shop I went to, the stub of the admission ticket for the aquarium or museum, etc.

After returning home, I put them on my notebook and write a brief comment. Actually, I don’t see it that much, but I do see it after a few years, and it’s fun to look back on it as a memory.

Fun and happy things are different for each person, but I think it’s important to have time to feel happy. I feel free and refreshed. I can travel abroad in just 10 minutes (laughs).

Even if it’s just for 5 or 10 minutes, when you’re busy with your daily life, I recommend that you try to have some happy time.

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