The reason why I started writing a diary

花2 English

This is a fortune-telling video that I started watching around the fall of 2020, but there was something in common with some of the videos I watched. Every fortune-teller says, “Let’s send it from yourselves. SNS is also good.” Like the YouTube people I’ve seen so far, they say, “Send something,” but in the first place, I have nothing to tell.

“Why is the answer to such fortune-telling coming out?” “What should I tell the world?” “I don’t think I can send my opinion.”I thought that way.

I couldn’t help wondering why the same answer came out even though the fortune-tellers were different. Maybe I’ll do it someday, not now. I thought. And I tried not to think about it. That was the fall of 2020.

A few months later, the word “blog” suddenly appeared.

Although it was abrupt, the word “blog” had appeared from early spring 2021, but I didn’t think it was familiar to me. It was a word I had seen several times, but it seemed to be hidden behind the horizon. It suddenly appeared next door in the fall of 2021! I was surprised!

Hmmm, blog, diary, right? Is it interesting to read a diary?

When I was watching a video talking about blogging, blogging = diary is data from 20 years ago. Upload it now. It was told.

No, if I upload it, I won’t know it anymore. The blog is a diary, isn’t it? Right?

The answer to the fortune-telling I saw when I was thinking about that was “Go ahead without thinking about anything.”

Go ahead without thinking about anything!

For some reason, this word was repeated, “If I’m thinking about it, let’s do it once!”So I started writing this diary.

tomoplace may seem inconsistent in the storyline.

Go ahead without thinking about anything!

That’s why I’m writing a lot of things. I’m writing what I want to say.