I thought about information overload

本とお茶 English

hello. As information from all over the world comes in from all over the world, how do you handle them?

I’m confused because I have too much information and I don’t know what’s true.

With the spread of the Internet, it has become possible to obtain information from all over the world, but I think that the amount of information itself has not changed since before the Internet. The reason I thought so was that before the Internet became widespread, we lived only on the information around us. From time to time, journalists taught us about the world situation, but I don’t think it was as widespread and disseminated as it is now. Information is scattered all over the world as it is now, but since there were few people who disseminated that information to the world, I think that we could not get much information. The genre of information may have increased, but I think that many genres have been lost along with it.

And with the spread of the Internet, anyone can connect to it at any time, and even individuals can send and receive information as many times as there are people. As a result, the amount of information that comes in is increasing, and I think that there is an overload of information. The caller may assume that it is the case, so it is up to the recipient to decide if that is true.

Even if you say that there is too much information, I think that there is not so much information if you choose which one you need from the information that you gather. you try to understand and remember all the information that comes in, you end up with overcapacity.

And the fact that there is a lot of information means that it is okay to think that one thing is viewed from multiple perspectives and that information is being thrown from people who see it from each direction. However, what is important here is what information you think from.

For example, you can choose your favorite seaweed from the ocean, and you can choose your favorite animals and plants from the ground. If we can choose what we like and what we need, we can live in a wider world more easily.

If you are swirling in a whirlpool of information and the field of view is narrowed after all, the information you have obtained will be ruined. We were just buried in the information we gathered to broaden our horizons, and when we realized we weren’t doing anything. It might be a good idea to stop and think about it so that it doesn’t happen.