Increase successful experiences 

招き猫-1 English

If self-affirmation is low, do you know how to raise it?

“I am a wonderful person”Do you recite it many times?

It’s also good in terms of writing in the subconscious, but if you want to do something more realistic, you can try it.

It collects your little “achievements”.

What that means is that you can count what you have achieved, even if it is trivial. If you write it out on paper, the information will come in from your eyes, so it will be easier for you to be aware of it.

that’s right! To be conscious, remember what you have “achieved.” And at the same time, start something new. So that it can be counted as “achieved”.

Anything is fine. I think it’s best to start with something that you are absolutely confident that you can do. For example, tidy up your shoes at the front door of your house, or returning used items to the original place. Is it an elementary school student?!! It’s okay because it seems like that. And gradually raise the hurdle. For example, walking 10 minutes every day, jumping rope 50 times, doing radio calisthenics. It’s also good to make one piece of clothes by when.

In that way, we will gradually increase the “achieved”. If you write it down on a piece of paper, one day you will want to praise yourself, “I have achieved so much!”.

If you suddenly try to do something big, it won’t last, or it will be difficult and you will stop, so start with the small things.

By continuing to achieve what you can and can do easily, you will have more successful experiences.

If it doesn’t last in a week, don’t blame yourself. Please think “I was able to do it for a week!” And take on a new challenge.

By realizing what you have done in this way, you will be confident that you can do so many things. And the day may come when you will try something big that you never thought of!

The image is important, but the experience is also important. Don’t be impatient, let’s gradually increase “achieved”.

Even if I decide to do it every day, I forget it, so I decided to make a “to-do list for the week”.First, on Sunday, itemize what you will do in a week, and then check it.

For example, read this book for a few pages, apply body cream, massage, look up at the sky, smile in the mirror, and so on. It’s easy, but that’s why I forget about it, so I looked at the list every day and remembered what I wasn’t doing. I write a “/” next to the to-do list and count, so on Saturday I can see how much I’ve done.

Read a few pages of book, /, /, /
Apply body cream, /, /, /, /, /
Massage, /, /, /, /, /, /
Looking up at the sky, /, /, /, /, /, /, /
Looking in the mirror and smiling, /, /, /, /

It’s like this. I did the same thing every week, but I also wrote down what I came up with, such as drinking coffee and relaxing, meditating for a minute, cleaning the front door, and so on.

Anything is fine, so I wrote what I came up with. I continued this for about three months. Even for three months, I did quite a lot.

I heard that “people become a habit if they continue for three days,” so I also tried to verify it. After all, what I strongly thought “let’s do” is still going on. For example, 10 squats.Well, sometimes I forget about it for a few days.

By the way, I started looking up at the sky every day. I sometimes find strangely shaped clouds and even rainbows. I often see the moon.

It is recommended to make a list and check it.

What do you guys start with?