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Hello. In order to live in a wide world, you need a wide perspective, right?

Having a broader perspective increases your ability to discover, understand, and accept new perspectives and ideas. It also makes it possible to respect and empathize with different cultures and values. This seems to be one of the most important skills to have in order to survive in the wide world.

We all live in our own world. It is formed as our own perspective from the environment we interact with on a daily basis, such as family, friends, work, and hobbies. However, this world of your own is actually just a part of a vast universe. Even if what you see and what someone else sees is the same thing, their perspective is different and they become two different worlds.

For example, person B seen from person A’s point of view and person A seen from person B’s point of view may be actors on the same stage, but they will create different stories, right?It means whether person A is the main character or person B is the main character.

By widening your field of vision, you can see the whole picture. This will allow you to have a deeper understanding and a richer perspective on what is happening around you.

The first step to expanding your horizons is to think beyond your own knowledge and experience. You can gain new perspectives by reading new books, visiting new places, and interacting with people from different cultures and values. These experiences stimulate our thinking and generate new ideas and inspiration.

However, expanding your horizons is not just about absorbing new information. It is also important to be suspicious of information and situations.

It is also important to make an effort to understand the opinions and actions of others. However, even if you understand someone, if you have a different opinion, I don’t think you need to force yourself to change your opinion to suit the other person.

Sometimes we need to have the courage to discover our true feelings, admit what we don’t know, and accept new perspectives. We may feel like running away or closing our eyes. It may not be easy, but through this challenge we will deepen our understanding of ourselves and be able to live a richer life in the wider world.

Expanding our horizons is also a form of self-development. It is also a pathway for us to better understand ourselves and maximize our potential. And it never ends throughout life.

Did you think to yourself, “Oh, I’m going to keep learning for the rest of my life?!” Actually, I’m one of those people who thought so too.

But if you think about it, we don’t live the same every day. Even if you have a routine, you won’t repeat exactly what happened yesterday. So, we are learning something every day.

We can always learn new things, accumulate new experiences, and continue to expand our horizons. That is why expanding our horizons is a means for us to live better in the wider world.

If we can cultivate respect and empathy for ourselves and others, we will be able to live a richer life. Don’t you think so?

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